Our Story

Welcome to Micasa Delarte, where art is brought to life through art prints and sculptures. Our belief is that art has the ability to inspire, stir emotions, and transform spaces, and here we have created a unique space where you can experience it all. Our collection comprises of carefully selected pieces that embody the beauty, diversity, and creativity of the artistic world.

Our Mission

At Micasa Delarte, we are passionate about art that is both stunning and affordable. We believe that every room should have beautiful art adorning its walls. That's why we have created an online art gallery, where you can find a wide selection of art pieces that complement your style and personality.

Our Promise to You

Micasa Delarte is committed to your satisfaction and peace of mind with every purchase. We are a community of art enthusiasts, and our team is committed to making your shopping experience enjoyable

Meet The Artist

Meet Abdel, the founder and a digital artist at Micasa Delarte. Originally from the stunning Atlas Mountains, Abdel has been surrounded by the vibrant Berber culture since childhood. Art has always been his passion, accompanying him from the mountains to art impressions. Abdel's lifelong fascination with the colors, shapes, and stories within each piece of art has finally manifested itself in Micasa Delarte. Through his deep appreciation for the beauty of artistic expression, Abdel created this space to bring a touch of life and vibrancy to your space.